Top Ten Best Party Board Games (6+ Players)

Top Ten Best Party Board Games (6+ Players)

Playing games at group gatherings can be a great way to interact with new faces or insert a bunch of laughter into the event. I've had many game nights where party games (games that play well with 6 or more players) have started discussions and brought camaraderie among complete strangers. When you insert a good party game into the mix more than likely your event with turn into something memorable that will be brought up again and again.

Now let's be real for a moment: picking a group game for your party can be one tough egg to crack! You need to be able to analyze the types of people who will be playing and make sure you choose a game that EVERYONE can learn and will enjoy playing. This can be quite difficult as games like Quelf are fantastic for really animated people, board games like Sequence are a blast for players who like to analyze every move they make, and the ever popular game Cards Against Humanity is a game you probably don't want to be playing with family.

Now, chances are you are going to have a group with a mix of personalities and taste. In this Top Ten list, I'm going to share my all-time favorite games to introduce into a party situation along with the types of people who will like to enjoy playing the game. Ultimately, the games ranked higher on this list will go over better with a variety of different types of people. Enjoy!

10. Best Party Board Game

Reverse Charades.jpeg

Reverse Charades

PLAYERS: 4 or more

Reverse Charades takes a twist on the classic game of charades. Instead of one person acting out a clue for a team to guess, a team acts out clues for one person to guess. 

In 60 seconds, teams attempt to guess as many words or phrases as they can. The team with the most correct guesses wins. 

Reverse Charades is perfect for medium sized groups with participants who don't mind getting out of their seats and moving around.

09. Best Party Board Game

Sushi Go Party.jpg

Sushi Go Party


In Sushi Go Party, the goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dish cards as they get passed around the group.

Players score points for collecting different sets of cards as individual card piles get passed around the table. Each turn you receive a pile of cards from the player next to you and may pick one card to keep in your hand. Turns continue until all the cards have been taken. Points are scored based on the type of card you have (sushi, eggrolls, etc...) and how many of the same kind you have.

Sushi Go Party is a great and fast paced card game for groups who like card games and are looking for a individualized game to play.

08. Best Party Board Game

Telestrations After Dark.jpg


PLAYERS: 4 - 8

Telestrations combines Pictionary and the game of telephone. Each player is given a phrase and writes it down on page 1 of a multi-page sketchbook. Players then past the sketchbooks to the right and players must now draw a depiction of the phrase on a new sheet. Players must then pass the sketchbook again and a new player must write down what he/she thinks the picture is depicting. This process is repeated until everyone has drawn or written once on all the player sketchbooks.

As you can imagine, the end products of seeing what a simple phrase turns into can be absolutely hilarious!

We recommend the "After Dark" version (aka Adult version) because the attempts at drawing and explaining the phrases end up being much more funny than in the base game of Telestrations.

07. Best Party Board Game

Say Anything.jpg

Say Anything

PLAYERS: 4 - 8

Say Anything combines the best mechanics of Wits & Wagers and Apples To Apples.

In Say Anything every player answers a fun question like “Who’s the most annoying celebrity in show business?” or “If I could have a BIG anything, what would it be?” Then players try to choose which answer the judge for that round will like best. 

Say Anything is a great game for groups where everyone is well acquainted and looking for a lighthearted game to play.

06. Best Party Board Game

Ultimate Werewolf.png

Ultimate Werewolf

PLAYERS: 5 - 75

Ultimate Werewolf is similar to a large group game you may have played in the past called Mafia. One person is selected to moderate the game and all other players are given a secret role card that determines if they are a werewolf or a villager. On the card, players will also have unique abilities or rules that must adhere to throughout the game.

Each round consists of the "Night" where werewolves secretly kill off a villager of their choosing and the "Day" where all players debate who might be a werewolf and kill off players based on popular vote. The game ends when either all the werewolves are killed or a certain amount of villagers are killed off.

This is a fantastic party game that allows everyone to interact with each other, use their persuasion skills, and ultimately work together to influence the decisions made by the group.

Ultimate Werewolf is going to be more of a hit for players who enjoy fantasy genres and those who aren't afraid to interact with others.

05. Best Party Board Game



PLAYERS: 4 or More

Taboo is a game for two teams in which players are trying to guess as many words/phrases from a clue-giver within a minute. The catch for the clue-give is for each word they need to describe they are also give a list of words they may not use in their clues.

Taboo is a great game for groups who love to compete and enjoy puzzles that require them to think on their feet.

04. Best Party Board Game

Captain Sonar.png

Captain Sonar


Captain Sonar is essentially the classic game of Battleship in real-time! This eight player game gives each 4-man crew a different role on the submarine.

1. Captain - Navigates the submarine away from the enemy submarine
2. Chief Mate - Prepares various weapons to use against the enemy submarine
3. Radio Operator - Attempts to locate the enemy submarine
4. Engineer - Ensures the submarine is in working order and none of the equipment breaks down

All 4 team members are working together in real-time to elude the other submarine while at the same time locating and destroying the enemy's sub.

Captain Sonar is a blast and relies heavily on teamwork and efficiency to survive the battle! 

03. Best Party Board Game

Wits & Wagers.jpg

Wits & Wagers

PLAYERS: 4 or more

Wits & Wagers is a game where you don't need to know the answer to the question, you just need to get close!

In this game a question will be posed with a numerical answer. Players will write down guesses to the question. Next, players will be able to place bets with their accumulated chips on which answer they believe is closest to the correct answer. Based on the resulting answer, players collect their winnings.

Wits & Wagers is a great game for groups who like analytics, gambling, and trivia.

02. Best Party Board Game



PLAYERS: 4 or more

Codenames is a word game where players are split into two teams and must correctly guess words based on clues given by a chosen spymaster from each team.

A grid of 25 cards with random words is laid out on the table. The two spymasters use a key card telling them which words they need their team to guess. The catch is the spymaster may only say a single word and a number (telling how many cards their clue applies to). The rest of the team must then correctly guess the words as a wrong answer will end their turn.

Codenames is an absolute blast with an underlying strategy that is very easy to pick up and understand the very first time!

01. Best Party Board Game

Times Up.jpg

Times Up

PLAYERS: 4 or more

Times Up! is a three round game where two teams compete to guess the most famous names correctly. Teams alternate back and forth each round until all the names have been guessed. The same group of names is used throughout the entire game, which helps everyone guess as each round will get progressively more difficult.

In the first round, the clue-giver can provide almost any kind of clue (ie words, motions, noises). In the second round no more than one word can be used in each clue and the teammates can give only a single answer. In the third round, the clue-giver cannot speak and teammates are only allowed a single guess to get it right.

Time Up! is the perfect party game because you can play with large groups, it's easy to teach, and it ends up enabling participation from everyone.

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